I’m Alex Watson. I’ve been living in Los Angeles as a freelance videographer for the past seven years. Shooting and editing are my areas of expertise.

I grew up developing photos in my father’s darkroom. I have an eye for great shots, the rhythm to edit, and own the equipment needed to capture the images. I have the background of analog photography and appreciate the process of creating a great image.  I’ve been working in the digital world for the past seven years. I have the tech skill-set to operate any camera, light any situation and run sound, no problem.

I’ve shot commercials, music videos, behind the scenes, weddings, promotional videos, corporate luncheons, realty virtual tours and the list goes on.

I’ve worked on big budget commercials to low budget features.  I learn something new on every shoot, but I’m prepared for it all.


Phone: 303-917-2316                    Email: Winsorwatson@gmail.com